Eco-Landscape Planning of Xixian Airport City, Xi’an

The ecological landscape planning for Xixian Airport, located in the historically important city of Xi’an, will transform this airport metro into an emerging international city with historical and cultural characteristics.

The 158ha Eco Airport City takes into consideration the preservation of historical sites while integrating with the concept of sustainable ecological landscaping architecture that is based on One Circle, One Network and Multiple Landscape Nodes principles.

The sustainability of the eco-environmental quality in the airport city design is an essential prerequisite for the overall projected city image of the development, adopting:

  1. A low-impact development strategy;
  2. Piloting water-sensitive urban design initiatives;
  3. A comprehensive utilisation of green clean energy, and the application and popularisation of green building materials; and
  4. An urban landscape framework.

With a good ecological environment and excellent urban landscape combined with its historical heritage, the eco-airport city at Xixian Airport will become an international comprehensive transportation hub, with a special urban functional zone and high-end industrial cluster developments, harmonious urban and rural environments, and state-of-the-art infrastructure.

This project was award the Resilience by Design – Honourable Mention (Under Analysis and Master planning category) during the IFLA AAPME Awards in 2018.


Master Planning, Landscape Architecture