Senoko Food Hub

The Senoko Food Hub is the first multi-tenanted ramp-up development with a shared integrated cold-room warehouse for the food manufacturing industry.

There were three key considerations for this new Senoko Food Hub: “social”, “economic” and “environment”. Its simplistic and flexible module type of form would enhance operational efficiency, derive greater synergy and better adapt to the urban environment.

The essence of our proposal was to utilise the module that achieved the best functionality and efficiency for the Senoko Food Hub. The design strategy was to coordinate various site analysis, the existing environment and the viable aspects of best leasing preferences. This enabled easy and open access and allow ease of future expansion without any disruption and inconvenience to occupied area .

The design proposal for Senoko Food Hub allowed for construction works to be carried out independently in phases without disruption to occupied areas. Maximum air flow movement is opened on all if not most sides through a driveway ramp. In order to create a high quality working environment, various pockets of green spaces were created strategically to divide between public (external users) and private (internal users) zones.

The corner treatment of the Senoko Food Hub’s facade using aluminium cladding panels with tinted glass gives a clean, refreshing and expensive look yet costs are kept reasonable through efficient use and detailing.

3.3 hectares
site area

1st multi-tenanted ramp-up development
with a shared integrated cold-room warehouse


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