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10 Ways Surbana Jurong has shaped Singapore

Surbana Jurong does not just design beautiful high-rise housing like City [email protected] As Singaporeans marked the city-state’s 55th birthday in August this year, let us count the ways Surbana Jurong has made the city what it is.

1. Delivered over one million homes in Singapore

SJ Township and SJ Infrastructure have designed and delivered 26 townships with over one million homes in Singapore. Today, seven out of 10 Singaporeans live in homes designed by SJ Township. Surbana Site Supervisors have played an integral role in overseeing the construction and delivery of these homes in Singapore.

2. Expanded Singapore’s land area by 25 percent through reclamation works

SJ Infrastructure has been involved in practically all of the land reclamation works in Singapore over the last four decades, an outcome of which is the expansion of Singapore’s land area by some 25 per cent.

3. Designed Singapore’s first new-build net-zero energy building

SJ Architecture designed the NUS School of Design and Environment 4, Singapore’s first new-build net-zero energy building, in collaboration with Serie + Multiply Consultants. In addition to achieving the net-zero energy target, the building provides users with healthy spaces where staff and students can interact, creating the social quality desired to spur creativity and innovation.

4. Designed world’s first multi-tiered urban fish farm

SJ Architecture designed the world’s first multi-tiered fish farm. When completed, this vertical farm which is modular and scalable is expected to increase local fish production by 50%, significantly contributing towards food sustainability in Singapore.

5. Created three million cubic metres of bulk liquids storage capacity on Jurong Island

To help Singapore carry out its role as the largest bunkering hub in the world, Asia’s Oil Product Pricing Centre and one of the top three independent storage bases, SJ Oil & Gas engineers developed over three million m3 of bulk liquids storage capacity on Jurong Island, equivalent to 30% of the total third-party storage capacity in the island.

6. Designed Jurong Rock Caverns, the first Undersea Hydrocarbon Storage Caverns in the world

SJ Oil & Gas engineers designed Jurong Rock Caverns, the first Undersea Hydrocarbon Storage Caverns in the world, designed to store crude oil, naphtha and condensate. Located more than 100 metres underground, the cavern provides safe and secure storage for liquid hydrocarbons and frees up usable land above ground.

7. Set up Covid-19 community care and recovery facilities in double-quick time

Surbana Jurong provided technical services to government agencies involved in the setting up and running of Community Care Facilities in Singapore. One such facility was the convention centre Singapore Expo. A 50-strong team of healthcare planners, architects, engineers, project managers, quantity surveyors and procurers completed two halls with 950 beds within three days and ten halls with 8,000 beds within four weeks.

8. Security personnel from our member company AETOS play a major role in world’s busiest land crossing, before the Covid-19 movement restrictions came into effect earlier this year

AETOS’s Auxiliary Police Officers and Security Officers play a major role in securing Woodlands Checkpoint, the world’s busiest land crossing, where 300,000 travellers and 130,000 vehicles on average cross between Malaysia and Singapore every day

9. Our member company SAA has designed and delivered about one-third of Singapore’s Mass Rapid Transit stations

Over the last three decades, SAA has helped to design and deliver close to 80 or over a third of the stations within Singapore’s Mass Rapid Transit rail system.

10. Our member company SAA has designed and delivered Singapore’s largest healthcare facility

SAA is the architect for Singapore’s largest healthcare facility, the 1800-bed Woodlands Health Campus. The campus will be the first to feature an integrated acute and community hospital and a purpose-built park for patient healing.

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