Developing hydropower for renewable energy in East Malaysia

Baleh HEP Shale near Div Intake5
Baleh HEP Shale near Div Intake5

The 190m high concrete-faced rockfill dam will be located on the Baleh River (above), about 95km from its confluence with the Rajang River in Kapit District.

The Hydropower & Dams team has won a contract from Sarawak Energy Berhad to provide construction supervision for the Baleh Hydroelectric Project (HEP). Located in Sarawak, East Malaysia, the Baleh HEP will generate 1,285MW of renewable energy when it is operational in 2025. The team’s expertise in design and construction of concrete-faced rockfill dams helped to secure the win. Prior to this contract, the team had completed Baleh HEP’s tender design and evaluation in 2015.

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