“Hello, my name is Bai Ye”

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Bai Ye Hello I am e1603868616979

Meet Bai Ye, a planner who has built cities and shaped lives in China for over a decade

As an urban planner, Ms Bai Ye feels that she has a valued role in building cities and shaping people’s lives. “It means great responsibility as a citizen, I am so blessed to have an opportunity to planning our country,” she said. 

Her professional journey with SJ North Asia started 10 years ago after she graduated with a master’s degree in Sustainability, Planning and Environmental Policy from Cardiff University in the United Kingdom, then becoming the first registered planner and the youngest project manager in the team. 

Now a mother of a three-year-old, she said that winning the SJ Values Award means “great recognition to my work in the past, and it’s also a great encouragement to my future career.” “Since I started working with our Surbana Jurong North Asia team, I have managed and participated in more than 50 various planning projects, covering 16 provinces and more than 30 cities and regions in China,” she said. 

These projects include Strategic Planning for Dalian Area of China (Liaoning) Pilot Free Trade Zone, and Strategic Planning for Yangpu in Hainan Free Trade Port, which are vital in the opening of trade, respectively, for northeast China and south China. Other notable projects include the planning of Science and Innovation Centre of Central Innovation District in Nantong, which reflects the increased profile of science parks in the development of a city.

Ms Bai was attracted by SJ’s reputation and tagline to join SJ and is still inspired in her mission to improve life of her community. “In my mind, Singapore is a world-renowned garden city, a famous liveable city and Suzhou Industry Park is an iconic industry park in China, which makes SJ a highly credible planning company,” she said. “I am glad to have become a senior planner as I have been involved in its decade-long development with lots of platforms and opportunities to prove myself.” 

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