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How Chile makes its mines work harder

i2 2019 chile 01
i2 2019 chile 01

Chile is home to the largest copper producer in the world and a host of major copper mines. When these mines want to optimise their operations, they look to external services such as the asset management experts at SMEC.

A client who is the world’s largest copper producer recently engaged SMEC, a member of the Surbana Jurong Group, to develop a maintainability and reliability study at a new underground operation in northern Chile. This study will give rise to higher standards of adherence and performance of equipment and processes.

The same client also engaged SMEC to conduct an in-depth health check assessment of maintenance performance for the main plant and auxiliary equipment in central Chile, at an altitude of 4,200m above sea level.

The health check will provide realistic data supported by tangible evidence on how these assets are performing and supported today, and how they may perform in the future. The client will receive a gap analysis between industry best practice versus actual practice, and a full set of solutions for any improvements and enhancements identified.

In other maintenance contracts, SMEC will offer strategies, plans development, studies and process improvements for the plants and machines.

In total, this client has engaged SMEC for seven of its nine Chilean mining operations.

How Chile makes its mines work harder

SMEC has extensive experience supporting other major copper producers on areas such as maintenance strategy optimisation programmes and supply chain support. At an open cut mine in northern Chile, for example, SMEC conducts long, medium and short-term planning activities for a concentrator plant, covering inventory requirements, analysis and contractor support.

Asset management is part of the integrated managed services which the Surbana Jurong Group offers. Other areas which the Group can integrate for clients include smart cities solutions, facilities management and security and safety solutions.

To find out more about the asset management of mines, contact SMEC’s Asset Management team. For Latin American clients, please email Ronald Galisky at [email protected].
And find out more about Surbana Jurong’s Managed Services here.

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