Lush green designs by SJ Landscape Architecture win yet again

Yazhou Bay pic
Yazhou Bay pic

The strategy of revitalising greenery and enhancing biodiversity in the community by Surbana Jurong’s Landscape Architecture team has been recognised internationally. Most recently, the team has won awards at the IFLA AAPME Awards 2020 Landscape Architecture Professional Awards.  

The IFLA AAPME stands for the International Federation of Landscape  Architects  (IFLA),   Africa,  Asia  Pacific  and  Middle  East (AAPME), is an international award for landscape design and  planning.  

It is a cross-regional collaborative  platform created to showcase projects grounded in the landscape  architecture industry, with the intention of building  resilience  in  our  urban  and  natural  systems.

At the IFLA AAPME awards 2020, the Landscape Architecture team won Honourable Mention awards for these two projects within the Analysis and Planning category: 

1. Ecological Wetland, Resilient riverfront park and coastal belt at Yazhou Bay, Sanya, in Hainan Island in China

With three sensitive ecological systems in close proximity, namely a wetlands, a coastal and a river system, the Yazhou Bay project demonstrates the integration of an urban development with a semi-urban setting that offers protection to the existing ecological system. 

Perspective of the the Rivervale Shores project, sited on the Punggol-Serangoon Reservoir in Singapore.

Perspective of the the Rivervale Shores project, sited on the Punggol-Serangoon Reservoir in Singapore.

2. Rivervale Shores Green & Blue Landscape Implementation masterplan, Singapore 

The planning and design of Rivervale Shores, a 10-hectare public housing development, is inspired by the rich biodiversity of the Punggol-Serangoon Reservoir. The reservoir is located along the East Asian-Australian Flyway, an important flyway for the millions of migratory shorebirds that breed in the north and spend the non-breeding season in South-East Asia and Australasia. The reservoir area is also where otters, grey herons, little egrets and the white throated kingfishers are active. 

Rivervale Shores showcases the close interaction between community living and nature. With biophiliac designs  creating lush greenery and recreational spaces, the residents can enjoy a “city-in-nature” lifestyle. 

The lush landscape of Keat Hong Neighbourhood 8.

3. The team also achieved an Honourable Mention award for the Wildlife, Biodiversity and Habitat Enhancement or Creation category, thanks to this project at Keat Hong Neighbourhood 8 in Singapore.

The Keat Hong landscape design is a celebration of biodiversity. The team introduced host-specific plants which allow varied butterfly species to thrive Also, by conserving mature trees, there is ample shading for pedestrians. The raingardens and bio-swales offer spaces for outdoor exploration for families.

“Winning the awards with three projects is a fantastic recognition of SJ Landscape architecture capabilities on Green & Blue Landscape environmental masterplan,” said Mr Oliver Ng, Landscape Director of SJ Architecture (Landscape team). 

He added: “It is very exciting news to our team especially winning awards for our local HDB project & International project. We strongly believe that the winning awards will bring SJ Landscape team to another level in its quest for sustainability and building a resilient environment, biodiversity and enhancement habitat.” Congratulations to our team!

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