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Presenting the winners of the inaugural SJ Group Global Awards

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At Surbana Jurong, we have achieved a wide range of outstanding projects and innovations around the world – thanks to our dedicated people across all disciplines, divisions and member companies pulling together to fulfil our mission of building cities and shaping lives. Today, we want to shine a spotlight on some distinctive projects and individuals that have made a difference and won an award at the inaugural Surbana Jurong Group Global Awards.

Watch the exclusive video announcement of the winners by our Group CEO Wong Heang Fine. We hope this video inspires you as it did us. Our heartiest congratulations to the winners!

Presenting the winners of the inaugural SJ Group Global AwardsPresenting the winners of the inaugural SJ Group Global Awards

  1. SJ Project of the Year (Urban)

Poultry Processing Hub (PPH) @ Buroh – SJ Singapore

Presenting the winners of the inaugural SJ Group Global Awards

Poultry Processing Hub @ Buroh in Singapore will raise productivity in the processing of poultry.

The first one-stop Poultry Processing Hub (PPH) in Singapore is sited in Buroh in Singapore. Completed in January 2019, it is an eight-storey multi-tenanted factory, ramp-up development comprising automated poultry slaughtering lines, cold room amenities and modular food processing units on upper storeys. 

PPH caters to the entire poultry processing chain, from live poultry delivery, slaughtering and processing to packaging and distribution of the processed goods. The building is designed to improve the efficiency of transportation of raw ingredients (namely poultry) vertically and throughout the facility, whilst ensuring proper sanitised and cooled environments are provided. Its new waste management system recycles waste generated by poultry processors. Instead of disposing of all the poultry waste, the system will convert part of it into protein, which is used as an ingredient for livestock feed.

2. SJ Project of the Year (Infrastructure)

Sydney Metro Northwest – Operations, Trains and Systems (OTS) – SMEC ANZ

Presenting the winners of the inaugural SJ Group Global Awards

Sydney Metro Northwest train testing at Windsor Road Bridge in July 2018.

Comprising a 36km high frequency driverless metro rail service in Sydney’s north west between Rouse Hill and Chatswood, the project is the first of its kind in Australia. Designed  to meet the current and emerging transport needs of Sydney’s growing North West, it features a new generation of reliable, fully-automated metro trains. 

Sydney Metro North West was delivered on time and AU$500 million under budget.  SMEC (working in conjunction with our design partners) provided design for all facets of the rail systems, civil, structural and electrical scope. This design was executed to the high praise of both the client and construction contractor, with the rail line being opened in May 2019 to universally positive reactions from passengers.

3. SJ Project of the Year (Sustainability and Environmental)

New Intercity Fleet Maintenance Facility – SMEC ANZ

Presenting the winners of the inaugural SJ Group Global Awards

Using coal combustion products as light-weight fill to reduce foundation settlement helped to reduce cost and raise sustainability for this train maintenance facility on the New South Wales Central Coast.

The project is a purpose-built train maintenance facility at Kangy Angy on the New South Wales Central Coast. The design includes the construction of heavy-duty foundations to support train maintenance building and bridge abutments (heavy vehicle and rail) in unfavourable ground conditions.  

The facility will service and maintain the new fleet of Intercity trains and includes offices, amenities, staff parking and ancillary buildings. Coal combustion products (CCP), including coal bottom ash, are a by-product primarily produced by the power generation industry. In Australia, it is estimated that 12.3 million tonnes of CCP are generated annually, with the majority being disposed of in landfills, storage dams or as backfill in coal mines. 

Driven by the growing pressure to increase the beneficial use of CCP, SMEC designed the NIFMF building landform to adopt light-weight coal bottom ash fill. Combined with extensive construction phase monitoring, it allowed the use of a slab foundation for the main facility and eliminated the need for a less efficient piled foundation.

4. SJ Project of the Year (Managed Services)

Air Conditioning and Mechanical Ventilation Maintenance works in NTU – SMM Pte Ltd

Presenting the winners of the inaugural SJ Group Global Awards

SMM, the FM arm of Surbana Jurong, has helped the Nanyang Technological University (NTU) save big on energy consumption.

SMM, the facilities management arm of Surbana Jurong, provides the management and maintenance of Air-Conditioning and Mechanical Ventilation (ACMV) installations for all academic blocks, ancillary buildings and more than 30 residential halls of the university campus which is sited on 200 hectares of land.

The site team manages and maintains 12 chilled water plantrooms and a thermal energy storage system which serves operations ranging from general office to critical environment usage. In 2019, the project team managed a large project which involved the conversion of NTU’s conventional air-conditioning system to the energy saving Passive Displacement Cooling system (PDV), chalking up a significant revenue. Through the PDV project, SMM has helped NTU achieved an impressive energy savings of eight percent a year. 

SMM has been a valuable partner in providing professional and technical support to NTU for 12 years. With its team of  Green Mark (GM) professionals, SMM has helped NTU achieve the Green Mark Platinum Star Champion award in 2016, the highest accolade given out by the Building and Construction Authority (BCA) for sustainable design. NTU also achieved green certification by the BCA – seven as Zero-Energy Buildings and one as Super Low Energy Building.

5. SJ Innovation Award

Library and Archives Canada – Gatineau 2 Preservation Facility – B+H Architects

Presenting the winners of the inaugural SJ Group Global Awards

Upon completion, the new Library and Archives Canada (LAC) Gatineau 2 building will be the first net zero carbon building dedicated to the preservation of archives in the Americas.

B+H has designed the new Library and Archives Canada (LAC) Gatineau 2 building to support LAC’s 500-year archival preservation objective and 100-year building life span. The new building in Gatineau in Quebec province in Canada will include six vaults containing archival records, fitted with high-density shelving, each including an Automated Storage and Retrieval System (ASRS). Each vault will require specific temperature and humidity set points as well as security and fire prevention and suppression systems.

The spare compact building design will be respectful of the cultural and natural heritage of the site, which identify correspondingly with the Preservation Centre and the surrounding habitat. The project is set to achieve LEED® (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Silver at a minimum. Upon completion, it will be the first net zero carbon building dedicated to the preservation of archives in the Americas, and the first federal building built to the requirements of Canada’s Greening Government Strategy.

6. SJ Promising Professional of the Year (Male)

Jarrad Warhurst – Director, Robert Bird Group

Presenting the winners of the inaugural SJ Group Global Awards

Jarrad Warhurst’s ability to bring the whole team onboard makes him an indispensable part of the success of RBG London.

Sometimes, it just takes that one spark of energy. Within the last couple of years, Jarrad’s leadership has revived RBG London’s Construction Engineering division into a thriving business unit, doubling revenues and greatly improving profitability.

Jarrad has been with RBG for eight years. His determination to deliver consistently positive project outcomes and focus on client relations has reinforced RBG’s reputation in the United Kingdom market as leaders in designing for delivery through construction engineering, RBG’s unique selling point. He has also led an initiative to further expand RBG’s Virtual Design and Construction (VDC) capabilities, augmenting RBG’s existing services while adding an alternate revenue stream to the business and delivering further value to clients. Jarrad will be integral to the success story of RBG London in the coming years.

7. SJ Promising Professional of the Year (Female)

Tan Fie Chen – Principal Engineer, Civil & Structural, KTP Consultants

Presenting the winners of the inaugural SJ Group Global Awards

Tan Fie Chen (third from left in white blouse) has a pro-active attitude that makes her outstanding in her projects.

Tan Fie Chen has been with KTP for three years. She obtained her Professional Engineer recognition when she was 32. She has shown good potential in leadership and is always hardworking in her demeanour.

Fie Chen has been delivering her project works with commitment and diligence resulting in recognition from the Singapore Land Transport Authority as well as the Contractor. Her steadfast, initiative and pro-active attitude always made her an outstanding member in any project. In tender pursuit with Samsung, an MNC Contractor, for instance, the PM wrote in to express their appreciation and complimented on her hard work and service level as a consulting engineer.

8. SJ Values Award

Five individuals are named as winners of the SJ Values Award. Not only do they exemplify our core values: Integrity, People, Professionalism, Partnership and Purpose, they are also respected by colleagues for their ability to guide and lead their team members. Congratulations! 

The five winners are:

Presenting the winners of the inaugural SJ Group Global Awards

Bai Ye onsite at a project in Hunan.

Bai Ye, SJ North Asia
Designation: Senior Executive Planner
When Bai Ye was 26, she became the first registered planner and the youngest project manager in China’s master planning team. Since then, she has gone on to manage and participate in over 50 planning projects covering 16 provinces and over 30 cities and regions in China. As she juggles between family and work commitments, Bai Ye is also studying and writing various research papers for the industry. Part of China CSR’s team, she is also an avid advocate of the CSR team in Suzhou in China.

Presenting the winners of the inaugural SJ Group Global Awards

Eng Kiat Tan (standing, left) has participated in many leadership forums around the world, showing a strong sense of purpose in his role.

Eng Kiat Tan, SJ Malaysia
Designation: Functional General Manager Urban Southeast Asia and General Manager Urban Malaysia
When Eng Kiat was Vice President for Urban Planning and Design, he demonstrated his work ethic and professional excellence in urban design, masterplan visioning and project coordination and management while successfully managing a team of planners, designers and technical executives. He was then appointed in January 2019 to lead Surbana Jurong’s urban business in Southeast Asia as Functional General Manager Urban while acting in a concurrent capacity as General Manager Urban for SJ Malaysia. In his multi-faceted roles, he has helped to mould the next generation of leaders in our business. He has also participated in the World Cities Summit Mayor’s Forum and the World Cities Summit Young Leaders Symposium, sharing insights into urban issues with other young leaders and positioning Surbana Jurong as an expert in urbanisation, industrialisation and infrastructure development.

Presenting the winners of the inaugural SJ Group Global Awards

Nagaraj Seshadri is standing third from left, wearing spectacles.

Nagaraj Seshadri, SMEC India
Designation: Divisional Internal Auditor – SJ South Asia & Central Asia
Over the last two decades with SMEC, Nagaraj has always served with a big heart. As a leader, he ensures that staff are always recognised, celebrated, developed and encouraged. Over the years he has managed to balance the interests of various stakeholders well and ensure that our business partners also grow with us. Staff who have worked with him at any point over the last 20 years still remember him and reach out to him as a key pillar of the organisation. This is testament to his impact on the lives of many he has worked with.

Presenting the winners of the inaugural SJ Group Global Awards

Pragas A/L Poobalan is a collaborative team player, always ready to help others

Pragas A/L Poobalan, AETOS
Designation: Staff Sergeant (APF)
Pragas is a diligent, committed and honest officer who mentors officers by giving them secondary duties and sharing his knowledge and experience. A collaborative team player, he goes beyond the call of duty when needed. For example, when there was a pipe leakage at a cruise centre with no cleaners on site, he went the extra mile, taking it upon himself to mop the floors together with his fellow officers to ensure a safe walkway for passengers. He has won recognition from the security manager of Singapore Cruise Centre and ferry operators. Pragas never fails to step in to support when there is an urgent request for help and is always prepared to serve and ensure security for those under his charge.

Presenting the winners of the inaugural SJ Group Global Awards

Eline (second from left) at a durian party at a hawker centre, a common office ritual in Singapore during durian season, in a picture taken before the Covid-19 pandemic arose.

Eline Cheng Yi Ling, SJ Singapore
Designation: Finance Manager
Eline is highly reliable and delivers all assignments given to her on a timely basis. She mentors new staff whole-heartedly, and is always keen to share her skills and experience. Eline maintains professionalism in her dealings with colleagues from diverse cultural backgrounds and is known for building a strong and amicable relationship with finance staff from all sub-groups and all levels. With a strong sense of purpose, Eline perseveres and puts in extra hours to meet timelines.

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