Provision of safety equipment for disaster relief after Sierra Leone floods

sierra leone smec foundation donation 1024x682 1
sierra leone smec foundation donation 1024x682 1

SMEC Foundation members with supplies donated to the mayor’s office on behalf of the Sierra Leone government.

Following three days of heavy rainfall in August 2017, Sierra Leone suffered a devastating mudslide causing 300 people to lose their lives with many more reported missing. In the days following the disaster, the SMEC Foundation contacted the mayor’s office which was managing the disaster relief, to find out how SMEC, a member of the Surbana Jurong Group, could assist.

They indicated an urgent need for safety equipment for the emergency workers to facilitate their rescue efforts and in assisting the victims of the Sierra Leone floods. As a result, the SMEC Foundation donated 600 pieces of safety gear and equipment including reflector suits, rain boots, hard hand gloves, masks and helmets to the cause.

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