Singapore’s decarbonisation process on the fast track

MOU pic Carbon Capture Utilisation and Sequestration system 2 Jul
MOU pic Carbon Capture Utilisation and Sequestration system 2 Jul

In a game-changing endeavour, Surbana Jurong is tying up with industry names Keppel Data Centres, Chevron and Pan-United, with the support of the National Research Foundation, to accelerate the development of a highly integrated clean and energy efficient Carbon Capture, Utilisation & Sequestration (CCUS) system that can lead to a low-carbon economy and potential commercial developments for Singapore.

In early July, an MOU was signed among the four companies, with all committing to harness their combined resources and jointly develop the first end-to-end decarbonisation process in Singapore. 

GCEO Wong Heang Fine said that as a multidisciplinary urban and infrastructure design consultancy, Surbana Jurong is providing step change solutions for sustainability across the project lifecycle. “We are actively engaged in R&D to facilitate decarbonisation, focusing on delivering technologies that reduce and eliminate emissions as well as solutions that remove and sequester carbon from the atmosphere. Together with our partners, we are excited about exploring new solutions in carbon capture, use and storage that can scale and be commercially deployed to help us get to a net-zero future.” Read more here and the ensuring press coverage.

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