SMEC reviews design of 3 hydropower projects in East Malaysia

Sabah Sg Bengkoka Lower headworks looking upstream

(Above) The site of Sg Bengkoka Lower’s headworks, which prevent debris from entering the turbine of the hydropower plant and (below) transmission poles and cables damaged by a landslide after a flood.

Sabah Transmission line pole affected by landslide 1

SMEC, a member of the Surbana Jurong Group, has been engaged to review the design and propose modifications required for three small hydropower plants in East Malaysia. Small hydro plants generate less than 30MW. 

The three plants are at Sungai Bengkoka Upper, Sungai Bengkoka Lower and Sungai Togohu in Kota Marudu, Sabah, Malaysia in a remote part of the East Malaysian state of Sabah. Totaling a capacity of 29.1 MW, the three plants will benefit around 20,000 to 22,000 houses.  SMEC was also appointed to carry out the detailed design and construction drawings for the balance of the works and the construction supervision.

Flood damage
Although Sg Bengkoka Lower is now commissioned, the project was damaged by floods in December 2021 and cannot achieve its design capacity. SMEC will undertake a review and redesign so that the hydropower plant can achieve its installed capacity of 10.9 MW and restart generation as soon as possible. 

The construction of Sg Bengkoka Upper and Sg Togohu schemes, on the other hand, has partially commenced and SMEC will review and propose a revised design for the two hydropower plants to achieve their proposed installed capacities. 

“This is a very good opportunity for SMEC to solve the client’s issues and reinforce the strong capability statement that SMEC is a leader in the hydropower sector, said Mr Rajan Doraisamy, Regional Manager SMEC Malaysia. “We have the engineering expertise that straddles big and small hydro and which meets the needs for a wide range of conditions and geographies.” 

SMEC’s expertise in hydropower ranges from 5 kW micro power stations through to 8,000 MW major hydroelectric schemes. Small hydro plants can support development in marginalised communities as they cost less to build and have a smaller impact on the environment. 

The client, KPower Engineering Sdn Bhd (KPEng), together with Tellhow International Engineering & Contracting Co Ltd, had taken over from the previous contractor to complete the engineering, design, procurement, construction, and commissioning works. ORP, a subsidiary of OHP Ventures Sdn Bhd, is the project owner and developer. The project started in March 2022 and is scheduled to be completed in 12 months. 

Project Contact:
Shambhulinga Matur | Manager Small Hydropower
SMEC Malaysia | ASEAN
E: [email protected]

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