SMEC wins a water supply project for a tuna processing plant in the Solomon Islands

Tuna fish

The Solomon Islands hopes to maximise its valuable tuna resource by building a tuna processing plant at Bina Harbour.

SMEC, a member of the Surbana Jurong Group, has been engaged by the Solomon Islands Water Authority (Solomon Water) to undertake a feasibility study into the water supply and wastewater treatment requirements for a new port, a tuna processing plant, and the surrounding residential areas at the Bina Harbour in Malaita province of the Solomon Islands. 

The Pacific Island nation is known for its valuable tuna resource but has been unable to maximise its wealth-creating potential for the country as most of its catch is still processed offshore. The planned Bina Harbour Tuna Processing Plant Project is expected to create jobs, generate foreign direct investment, and improve economic security for the Solomon Islands.

The overall initiative, known as the Bina Harbour Tuna Processing Plant Project, is being developed by the Solomon Islands Government in partnership with the private sector.

Scope of services
Funded by the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT), SMEC’s role is to assess the viability of water sources, transmission, and treatment for the Bina Harbour Tuna Processing Plant Project, including the water sources for surrounding villages, and the facility’s sanitation and wastewater treatment and disposal requirements. SMEC’s services include demand forecasts for water supply and sewerage assessments, water supply options assessment, sanitation assessment, power supply requirements, economic and financial analyses, and environmental and social safeguards assessment.

A view of the Namoula River one of the potential water sources

The Namoula River is one of the potential water sources studied in the project.

Norman Walker, ASEAN Urban Water Sector Manager, said, “We are excited for this opportunity to contribute to this important project, which if shown to be feasible, will have a big impact on the economy and people of the Solomon Islands.” 

SMEC has built strong relationships with clients and other stakeholders in the Solomon Islands since it started operating locally in 1977 and has delivered projects in the water and environment, transport infrastructure, energy, urban and social development, education and governance, and government advisory sectors. SMEC is now working with Solomon Water on the detailed engineering design of the Urban Water Supply and Sanitation Sector Project – Phase 2. Read more

Project Contact:
Norman Walker | ASEAN Urban Water Sector Manager
Surbana Jurong Group – ASEAN Division
E: [email protected]

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