Master planning a landmark city in Pakistan’s “Football City” in Punjab province

Sialkot Motorway City Signing Ceremony

(Left) A view of Sialkot City in Pakistan (Right) Contract Signing Ceremony of Sialkot Motorway City at Surbana Jurong’s Head Office in Lahore, Pakistan.

If you have played football, the football is likely to have been made in Sialkot City in Punjab province in Pakistan. This is because over 70 percent of the world’s footballs are made in Sialkot City, and this translates to more than 60 million balls every year, according to Business Insider. The city, sited in one of Pakistan’s most industrialised regions, is now busy manufacturing more balls ahead for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar.

Surbana Jurong Infrastructure Pte Ltd (SJIPL) achieved its first Master Planning, Infrastructure Design, and Residential Apartment project in Sialkot in August 2022. Called Sialkot Motorway City, the project is located adjacent to the intersection between M11 Motorway from Lahore and Sialkot International Airport, before the entrance into Sialkot City. The client, Maz Developers, intends to create a landmark district that will act as a gateway to Sialkot City and cater to a Residential Development based on sustainability principles.

The client awarded two contracts to SJIPL:

Master Planning and Infrastructure Design for Sialkot Motorway City
For the Sialkot Motorway City, the client has engaged the SJIPL Team to design a sustainably master-planned residential township that integrates “live, work and play”. To leverage Surbana Jurong’s global expertise in creating “Liveable” townships for this project, SJIPL has assembled a multi-disciplinary team comprising Surbana Jurong Consultants (Singapore), SMEC’s Urban Centre of Excellence (UCOE) for South Asia/Central Asia, SMEC (Pakistan) and Engineering General Consultants, a subsidiary of SMEC (Pakistan).

Full Suite Consultancy Services for a Residential Apartment Development within Sialkot Motorway City
SJIPL will collaborate with SAA and the SMEC’s UCOE for South Asia/Central Asia to undertake this iconic landmark assignment. Located on a 106,000 sq ft site at the main entry to Sialkot Motorway City from Wazirabad Road, the residential apartment complex will be the first high-rise condominium development in Sialkot, incorporating biophilic spaces in the design.

Project Contact:
Kim Toh | Chief Architect, SJ Infrastructure Pte Ltd
T: +92 325 7688882
E: [email protected]; [email protected]

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