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Spotlight on Surbana Jurong Group Global Awards

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Despite the challenges of the ongoing pandemic, the Surbana Jurong Group has chalked up major achievements in its mission of Building Cities Shaping Lives. The Group recently celebrated the outstanding achievements of 14 project teams and individuals for the year.

SJ Project of the Year 

SJ Project of the Year – Infrastructure

Winner: Atal Tunnel (SMEC South Asia, India)

The site of the game-changing Atal Tunnel in India

The Atal Tunnel is the world’s longest highway tunnel at an altitude of 3,000m, connecting Manali and Lahaul Spiti throughout the year. It is also strategically important as an all-weather road for supply chain to border areas for the Indian Army. It enhances tourism capabilities and provides emergency connectivity for Lahaul Spiti Valley of India.


SJ Project of the Year – Urban

Winner: Eastlink I & II @ Canberra (SAA Architects, Singapore)

The site of Eastlink I & II @ Canberra (Singapore)

This project seamlessly integrates commercial and community facilities with public housing. Its innovative residential façade design connects people and places for vibrant community living.


SJ Project of the Year – Managed Services

Winner: Joint Covid-19 response team in Singapore – AETOS, Digital Management Office, Procurement, SIPM, SJ Defence, SMM, SSPL, Smart City, Urban

SJ activated its multi-disciplinary suite of services in double-quick time to design, build and manage the community and recovery care facilities and migrant worker dormitories. Read the coverage here in today’s Business Times.


SJ Project(s) of the Year – Sustainability & Environmental 

Co-Winner: Integrated Farming Hub (SJ Architecture, Singapore)

The site of the Integrated Farming Hub in Lim Chu Kang in Singapore.

This is a holistic and integrated approach towards creating food resiliency. The design champions a new typology for farming with its modular nature and is replicable for any urban context.


SJ Project(s) of the Year – Sustainability & Environmental 

Co-Winner: Crows Nest Station (SMEC ANZ, Australia)

Designing Crows Nest station

The design addresses key climate change risks including extreme rainfall events, extreme heat, severe storm events, flooding, solar radiation and changes in soil moisture. There was a 37 percent reduction in annual energy consumption compared to the reference design, a temporary 53 percent reduction in potable water consumption while the rainwater tanks were being used (once construction for Over Station Development, or OSD, commences this will drop to 12 per cent), and a 21 percent in reduction in greenhouse gas emissions. It also achieved a 6 Star Green Star design rating certified by the Green Building Council of Australia.


SJ Project(s) of the Year – Sustainability & Environmental 

Co-Winner: National University of Singapore School of Design & Environment Building 4 (SJ Architecture, Singapore)

NUS SDE4 generates all the energy it needs onsite.

The team attending the groundbreaking ceremony of SDE4.

Two Surbana Jurong architects involved in SDE4 were (left) Alakesh Dutta and (right) Owen Wee.

NUS SDE4, as it is known among students, has an innovative hybrid cooling system using 100 percent fresh pre-cooled air while maintaining comfort. The natural purification system in the landscape improves water quality for students using the facility. It generates all the energy it uses on site; hence it is zero energy in the strictest sense.


SJ Innovation Award

Winner: Reveal (Robert Bird Group)

Reveal has helped to improve communication and collaboration between clients and project team members

Reveal is an innovative tool by RBG that focuses on engineering solution integration, allowing the demonstration of multiple design options in an intuitive and accessible platform. It enables clients to control and review the model from any aspect or stage of construction, providing greater value. It can better communicate comprehensive and intelligent 4D sequencing methodologies, as well as incorporate changes more readily. Reveal was launched in October 2020 and places the user at the heart of the experience; from exploring preliminary design development models through to interacting with highly detailed models to demonstrate complex construction activity more easily. View the launch video here


SJ Promising Professional of the Year – Male 

Co-Winner: Samuel Wang Shen Ming, Director (Civil & Structural) (KTP, Singapore)

Samuel is trusted by clients and works closely with team-mates

Mr Wang has achieved architectural and structural harmony with complex and challenging forms through cost-effective solutions for projects such as SJ Campus. He led multidisciplinary design teams to successfully work on projects such as the Marina Square mixed development in Sri Lanka. He also gained trust from and maintained good relationship with clients and paid special attention to team-mates’ career development.


SJ Promising Professional of the Year – Male 

Co-Winner: Ben Chapman, Associate Engineer, Tunnels (SMEC ANZ)

Ben is a key resource in SMEC’s tunnelling team in Sydney

Mr Chapman has published technical papers for tunnelling conferences in Australia and elsewhere in the world, raising SMEC’s profile in hydropower and tunnelling. He plays a key role in shaping Snowy 2.0, a monumental project of national significance which is also a vital part of SMEC’s heritage. He is a trusted advisor for his project team and a key link between the site-based team in Cooma and SMEC’s tunnelling team in Sydney.


SJ Promising Professional of the Year – Female

Co-Winner: Thurkadevi A/P Nanda Gopal, Security Supervisor (AETOS, Singapore)

Devi is respected by clients and peers as instrumental in the efforts to mitigate the spread of Covid-19

Devi, as Ms Thurkadevi is known to her colleagues, displayed exemplary leadership qualities during the Covid-19 pandemic. She kept in touch with officers closely to ensure their wellbeing and awareness of evolving pandemic. She is recognised by clients and peers as instrumental in efforts to curb the spread of Covid-19 in the community.


SJ Promising Professional of the Year – Female

Co-Winner: Michelle Durnez, Function Manager, Roads & Highways (SMEC SA)

Michelle is praised for her structured approach and attention to detail

Ms Durnez has project-managed numerous profitable multi-year and multi-disciplinary projects for SMEC South Africa. She was nominated as one of two Cape Town Engineers to attend the first-ever SMEC South Africa Rising Star Summit. She was lauded by senior management and clients for her structured approach, accountability and attention to detail.


SJ Values Award 

Co-Winner: Shambhulinga Matur, Manager, Small Hydropower (SMEC Malaysia)

Shambulinga helped to introduce BIM to the company

Mr Matur has played a key role in spurring the growth and profitability of SMEC’s small hydro business. He was among the first to introduce BIM to the company and use it on hydropower projects, achieving excellent appraisals for more than three consecutive years.


SJ Values Award 

Co-Winner: Musa Bin Mohammed Yusof, INSP (APF), Officer Commanding Sector A, A Division (AETOS, Singapore)

Musa helped Malaysia AETOS officers who were affected by the travel restrictions imposed by the Malaysian authorities due to Covid-19

Mr Musa went the extra mile to help the Malaysian AETOS officers who could not return to Malaysia when the borders closed last year. He spent time over the Hari Raya holidays to source for temporary lodging for the officers, raising the morale of his team-mates during a very challenging time.


Congratulations to our winners!

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