Tangguh LNG Maintenance Management Support

The Tangguh LNG gas field lies in Bintuni Bay, in the province of West Papua, Indonesia and is operated by a consortium of international companies, led by British Petroleum (BP) (37% stake), CNOOC (17%), and Mitsubishi Corporation (16.3%).

Production began in June 2009 where the natural gas extracted from the field is liquefied and the resulting LNG is transported to Asian customers, mostly in China, South Korea and Japan. The natural gas field contains over 500 billion m³ (17 Tcf) of proven natural gas reserves, with estimates of potential reserves reaching over 800 billion m³ (28 trillion cubic feet).

We are providing maintenance support at BP’s Tangguh Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) operation. The Maintenance Programme consists of:

  • Routine and non-routine maintenance
  • Scheduled and unscheduled maintenance
  • Preventive, corrective and predictive maintenance
  • Maintenance management and planning
  • Breakdown maintenance; troubleshooting
  • Major and minor overhaul services

In accordance with the client’s Maintenance Programme, we have been engaged to provide technical services related to the planned maintenance of fixed plant and mobile assets at various sites across the LNG operation. These sites include: offshore facilities in the gas production area; onshore pipeline facilities in the gas receiving area; a utilities area; storage loading facilities; and off plot areas.

We are providing over 150 mechanical technicians to conduct maintenance activities associated with equipment, tools and necessary consumables in these areas. These maintenance activities will ensure that BP’s reliability and operational performance targets are met.

During the 12-month contract, the scope was expanded to include support shutdown and additional asset management and engineering requirements.


Asset & Integrity Management, Facilities Management