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(From left to right) Er. Low Huei Siong who led the KTP team for Tengah Park Contract 2; Er. Aaron Foong who has conferred the DESA Award of BCA for the Tekka Place project, and Er. Liu Shao Yong had garnered the Merit award in the DESA 2021 for the Khatib Clubhouse project for HomeTeamNS.

KTP has done well at two annual awards in the built environment industry in Singapore, winning three key awards. 

For starters, Mr Aaron Foong, Managing Director of KTP Consultants Pte Ltd, a member of Surbana Jurong Group, is one of the three Professional Engineers conferred with Building and Construction Authority’s Design and Engineering Safety ‘Excellence’ (DESA) awards 2021. 

He and his team at KTP overcame the challenges of redeveloping Tekka Place in an innovative adaptive reuse approach. Located in Little India in Singapore, Tekka Place is formerly an existing building with two basements situated on soft marine clay located within the LTA Railway Protection Zone and hemmed in by conserved shophouses. Aaron has won the DESA Award four times.


The site of Tekka Place in Little India. The redevelopment earned Aaron Foong his fourth DESA Award for his innovative reuse approach.

Secondly, another team led by Er. Liu Shao Yong garnered the Merit award in the DESA 2021 for the Khatib Clubhouse project for HomeTeamNS. KTP was engaged as the Civil and Structural Consultant for the project near an MRT station and provided solutions to complete the piling and the building of a one-basement and five-story superstructures in an extremely fast-tracked program of 21 months. The clubhouse utilized cost-effective mega steel trusses to create functional column-free spaces and the team had to coordinate in detail for the construction logistics to erect them at night in safeguarding the MRT structures close by. 

The result is an exciting recreational facility with a four-story-high adventure hub with space enough for 50 buses, according to its YouTube video.

Screenshot 2021 11 25 at 5.30.22 PM
Adventure Hub at HomeTeamNS scaled

(Top) The site of HomeTeamsNS Clubhouse in Khatib (Photo by DP Architects) and the voluminous Adventure Hub, with a Challenging Ropes Course (middle). (Below) A render of Tengah Park Contract 2 is lauded for a PPVC design offering occupants more useable space.

2. Tengah C2 Aerial Back 002

A third KTP team win is led by Er. Low Huei Siong at the Housing & Development Board project Tengah Park Contract 2. The HDB Awards program recognizes outstanding design, engineering, and construction projects in 2020 and 2021.

The project received the Certificate of Merit – Engineering in the To-Be-Built Project – Housing. The jury recognized the design considerations adopted by the KTP team to conceptualize a well-integrated Prefabricated Prefinished Volumetric Construction (PPVC) design scheme that achieved more usable living spaces within the units while balancing the workability and inherent design principles of the PPVC construction. It added that the KTP team had a proactive pre-construction engineering design effort, underpinned by considerations of safety and ease of assembly.

Among the 51 award winners at the recent HDB Awards covering design, engineering, and construction for 2020 and 2021, KTP teams are very proud to have served as the C&S engineer on 12 of the award-winning projects. Well done!

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