BCA Awards 2020: GCEO wins recognition for digitalisation of Surbana Jurong projects

Surbana Jurong Group CEO Wong Heang Fine and five other outstanding Built Environment sector leaders have been recognised as iBuildSG Distinguished Fellows.  This is the inaugural year of the Distinguished Fellowship. 

The Building and Construction Authority of Singapore noted that Heang Fine has led industry transformation by adopting  digital  technology  and  innovation  in  Surbana Jurong projects, highlighting these examples:

  • The Wisteria & Wisteria Mall where SJ has used BIM and VDC technologies in  the  Design  for  Manufacturing  Assembly  (DfMA)  process.  

View of the SJ Campus 

  • The Surbana Jurong Campus for using digital technologies to scale up productivity and efficiency. When completed in 2021, the Surbana Jurong Campus will feature a Computer Aided Virtual Environment (CAVE) virtual-reality software that can house up to 40 people, allowing various project stakeholders to “walk-through” a building before it is completed. This will help the project achieve the best design outcome and reduce costly reworks downstream. 

View of the Tuas Terminal, part of the Tuas Mega Port project 

The  Tuas  Mega  Port  project, where Surbana Jurong’s engineers use drones to monitor the amount of sand  used for reclamation.    Read more

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