SJ North Asia wins its biggest public housing project in China’s Yangpu Economic Development Zone

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Surbana Jurong North Asia has recently won its biggest public housing project in the Yangpu Economic Development Zone, within the busiest and largest port city on China’s island province of Hainan.

This public housing project’s total GFA is 950,000 sqm, comprising 5,000 dwelling units in 84 residential blocks, and revolves around a neighborhood centre, which includes community, commercial and office spaces. To put it in perspective, this is equivalent to 60 percent of Marine Parade estate in Singapore, which is about 6.12 sqkm.

This is also SJ’s most successful attempt so far in exporting Singapore’s Public Design Principles into the China market. Features like environmental decks on top of multi-storey car parks and void deck were carefully crafted to comply to local regulations yet retaining their unique design qualities.  

Pre-fab components and modular design concept is another key feature in the design, along with sustainability designs and ‘sponge city’ elements. Some of these familiar elements like ‘rain gardens’ and bio swells can be found in many HDB estates, eg. Punggol New Town. When completed, this would be the single largest prefabricated construction project in Hainan province.

SJ North Asia team have secured 10 projects in Hainan Free Trade Port in the past two years covering various sectors, including aviation industrial parks, port city master plan, institutional, educational and residential projects.

The other nine projects name are: 

  • Master Planning and Conceptual Urban Design for Southern area of Haikou Western Bank New District
  • Conceptual Master Planning for Haikou Meilan Airport Economic Zone 
  • Conceptual and Schematic Architecture Design for Haikou Xinhai K-9 Campus 
  • Conceptual Architecture Design for Harrow International School
  • Haikou SHINY-DAY Dream Factory
  • Master Planning & Industrial Positioning of Danzhou City
  • Strategic and Master Planning of Yangpu (洋浦) Economic Development Zone
  • Conceptual Architecture Design for YangPu District 5th Kindergarten
  • Conceptual Architecture Design for YangPu District International Kindergarten

SJ North Asia’s capabilities and strong track record in delivering good services have been instrumental in these project wins. 

Mr Michael Ng, SJ North Asia CEO, is heartened by the trust of the clients in SJ as this marks the 10th win in Hainan province over the past two years. 

This trust was demonstrated by the Chinese government’s request that our Head of Masterplanning, Mr Sun Guowei, participate as part of a five-man interview panel for the final interview round of Chief Planner post of their Planning Bureau. Each of the three shortlisted interviewees was then given 20 minutes each to present their understanding of Surbana Jurong’s masterplan of Yangpu City and their subsequent execution plan, should they be selected to the post.

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