Providing safe water supplies for the Solomon Islands

SMEC’s Pacific team recently won an Urban Water Supply and Sanitation Sector Project in the Solomon Islands. The Urban Water Supply and Sanitation Sector Project (UWSSSP), Detailed Engineering Design – Phase 2 is jointly funded by the Asian Development Bank and the World Bank.  SMEC will provide asset management support services, an updated five-year Action Plan, and subproject investigations, design, and bid documents for the Solomon Islands Water Authority. 

The subprojects include water and sewer rehabilitations in the capital Honiara, water network expansion in the cities of Honiara and Auki, and a water supply and sewer feasibility study for the remote Choiseul Town. The fulfillment of these projects will support the provision of secure and safe urban water supplies and effective, efficient, and safe urban sanitation services.  

According to the ADB, this project will increase access to piped water supply and sanitation service, especially among the poor households; cutting reliance on groundwater and rainwater harvest and ensuring more efficient use of water.


Project Contacts:
Peter Ward| Transport Operations Manager Pacific & Philippines
SMEC Philippines
E: [email protected]

Zahid Iqbal | RM Pacific
E: [email protected]

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