SMEC is Ghana’s Project Management Institute’s Consultant of the Year

sj oct douglas 23 2
sj oct douglas 23 2

Ghana’s Project Management Institute (PMI) has named SMEC International the ‘’Project Management Consultant of the Year’’.  SMEC was chosen for its outstanding contribution to project excellence by delivering exceptional business value to the private sector or government agency. 

SMEC’s eligibility and a nomination for the award are related to its role as the Program Management Consultant for the Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC) – Millennium Development Authority (MiDA) Compact II program.  This entails the investment of around US$345 million in 12 projects and activities aimed at addressing the challenges of the Electricity Supply sector in Ghana. SMEC, as the Program Manager, has been involved in the successful completion of three projects namely, Pokuase Bulk Power Supply Point, Low Voltage bifurcation for Achimota, and Mampong Districts.

The award is a vote of confidence in the excellent project management capability of the SMEC team in Ghana and raises SMEC’s profile in the market. Like our LinkedIn Post here

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