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Surbana Jurong’s Floating Ponds concept makes waves

floating ponds
floating ponds

Floating ponds – urban fish farming to transform global food production.

Surbana Jurong has unveiled its Floating Ponds concept as an efficient way of increasing agriculture yields from limited spaces. The farms are stacked and water and waste from one source are channeled to provide nutrients to another – making it highly scalable, vertical-farming concept where fish and vegetables can be farmed together in a closed-loop, self-sustaining ecosystem. The result is a minimum waste of water, energy and nutrients, and maximum use of space, which is especially appealing in land-scarce cities. The concept, developed in partnership with Singapore firm Apollo Aquaculture Group, has since won the respected WAFX award. Find out more about this and other Surbana Jurong innovations at our thought leadership platform, Perspectives.

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