BCA Awards 2020: Sustainability is vital for new and existing buildings

PSA Liveable City hi res credit DCA Architects
PSA Liveable City hi res credit DCA Architects

Ensuring thermal comfort with well thought-out air-cooling systems and maintenance for popular venues is what our engineers and facilities managers are committed to. Check out these projects:

(A) PSA Liveable City

Surbana Jurong also achieved a Green Mark Award Platinum for a new non-residential building for the PSA Liveable City project. The project, PSA Liveable City, an iconic building and development to create an integrated liveable development for “Work, Learn and Play” offering approx. 42,000sqm of office space. Important criteria in the design include safety, inter-connectivity within the development and adjacent facilities, access to public transport, goods and services, quality of architecture, recreation, highly connected workspace and desirable impact to the environment. 

We were the M&E and the ESD Consultant for the project, SRO achieved a 28 percent reduction in Envelope Thermal Transfer Value (EETV), resulting in an ETTV of 36 W/m2. The ETTV captures the amount of heat and light energy that is gained through the external walls and windows of the building. 

The façade design reduces the heat gain within the building as well as enhance daylighting. 

In addition to designing efficient façade, highly efficient air-cooling systems, artificial lighting system and controls, water sustenance design and live energy and water dashboard are adopted to enhance operational savings for the building. The annual energy savings are over 36 percent with the use of renewables. 

The use of green roof, PV panels and reflective paint which reduces the urban heat island of the entire development. The resultant energy savings for the entire project reached 36.76 per cent, resulting in substantial cost savings for the owner.

(B) Gardens by the Bay (Bay South)

Site of The Gardens by the Bay (Bay South)

The Sustainability and Resiliency Office (SRO) also achieved a recertification for Gardens by the Bay (Bay South) for the second time. As the ESD consultant for the project since 2015, SRO has been helping the client save on water and energy usage. By carrying out detailed audit of the chiller plant, the client was able to detect the need to recalibrate sensors to reflect the actual operating efficiency of the chiller plant for further improvement. As a result, the efficiency of the air conditioning system was improved and more energy is saved even as the attraction received a greater number of visitors. 

The team also surveyed the office occupants on various measures such as thermal comfort, humidity, amount of natural light, Indoor Air Quality and so on to help ensure the optimal performance of the building.

(C) NTU North Spine Plaza

Site of NTU North Spine Plaza for students and the faculty

SMM Pte Ltd, the Facility Management arm of Surbana Jurong, has also achieved 20 BCA Green Mark certifications for its clients. These are mainly schools and institutions such as the Singapore Institute of Technology, National University of Singapore and Nanyang Technological University.

This is a testament of the continued support for SMM, in assisting clients in various trial tests in relation to sustainability. The SMM believes in aligning our objectives with clients’ to achieve their sustainability directives, and in exploring approaches with clients to optimise the systems.

“SMM is honourable to be engaged by NTU and to grow with NTU’s achievement. The deliverables in retaining the platinum ratings have proven our capability to maintain and improve the system performances,” said Mr Noel Tan, Senior Project Manager, SMM Pte Ltd.

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