Sustainable performance wear for AETOS trainees

Alfred Fox with MBF team
Alfred Fox with MBF team

To cut its carbon footprint, AETOS has partnered with a startup to co-create and design physical training (PT) apparel that is not just resistant to sweat, stains and water, but also require fewer washes – thus saving water in the long run.

The startup is Man’s Best Friend (MBF), comprising a team of student entrepreneurs form Yale NUS Colleage. Using nanotechnology with sustainable materials such as bamboo and recycled polyethylene terephthalate (PET) bottles, MBF worked with AETOS to co-create and design the high-performance and eco-friendly.

This will contribute to AETOS reducing its carbon footprint by up to 40 percent, as compared to a traditional cotton-based PT apparel. For each set of PT kit, a trainee can save up to approximately 40 washes, translating to a saving of 14kg worth of carbon dioxide emissions. 

Known officially as PT kit 2.0 at AETOS, AETOS trainees wearing them can train more comfortably. Ms Candice Ng, a trainee using PT kit 2.0 also said the material is “breathable”. 

“We are extremely excited to work with AETOS, with our mutual commitment towards functional sustainability. We hope this can turn into a lasting partnership,” said Mr Johann Wah, CEO and Co-Founder of MBF. Mr Alfred Fox, Executive Director and CEO of AETOS Holdings, said, “We are pleased to partner this budding group of green entrepreneurs, who have developed sustainable products through the adoption of technology and innovative processes. AETOS is committed to make positive changes in the way we do business and support national efforts in shaping a better and more sustainable society for future generations.” 

He believes that this would help achieve change for a low-carbon future, including plans to expand the collection of sustainable apparel with MBF.

AETOS has also implemented other sustainability initiatives, such as monitoring its operations’ carbon footprint at management level. AETOS has also launched electronic waste collection, and an in-house vertical hydroponics edible garden. For a start, AETOS has committed to reducing its vehicle carbon footprint, as it progressively works with partners to incorporate electric vehicles as part of its fleet of patrol cars and bikes.

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