A vibrant community in Lahore by design

A render of the West Marina project. The scope is to develop master planning and urban infrastructure design for a 3,000-acre site in Lahore, Pakistan.

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Mr. Kim Toh of SJ Infrastructure Pte Ltd was invited by the client Al Jalil Developers to speak about SJ Group at the recent launch ceremony of the West Marina project, with an audience of 4,000. 

Surbana Jurong Infrastructure Pte Ltd (SJIPL) has successfully achieved an important project milestone for the West Marina project in Lahore City in Pakistan for its client, Al-Jalil Developers. 

SJIPL’s scope covers Master Planning and Urban Infrastructure Design and has delivered the Overall Sketch Concept Master Plan and Detail Layout Plan for Phase One. The Phase One Detailed Layout Plan had to be completed before the 3,000-acre Overall Concept Master Plan could be finalized, which meant that the team had to adopt a different planning and design process. 

As a result of the client’s satisfaction with SJ’s coordinated delivery, SJIPL has been appointed to provide a full suite design consultancy service for the 78-acre premium villa precinct of the West Marina township development, experimenting with work-live-play concepts as well as smart and sustainable city solutions.

Collaboration under OneSJ

The West Marina project is significant as it marks the first collaboration between SJ’s Planning Team in Singapore, SMEC Pakistan (undertaking Urban Infrastructure Design) with overall design quality control support from SACA Division’s Urban Centre of Excellence, a part of SJ Global Architecture. It also marks SJ’s first foray into the real estate market of Pakistan. 

“We are elated we can leverage and showcase SJ Group’s strengths in Urban Planning, Architecture, and Infrastructure, through the spirit of One SJ, to better serve our clients,” said Mr. Benson Wee, Design Director of SACA’s Division’s Urban Centre of Excellence.

Project Contact: 
Kim Toh | Chief Architect, SJ Infrastructure Pte Ltd
T: +92 325 7688882
E: [email protected]; [email protected]

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