Perspectives, developed by SJ Global Academy, is a Thought Leadership platform to explore new ways of tackling some of today’s most complex challenges in the urban and infrastructure sector. We draw on ideas and opinions from our experts across different businesses. Diverse in topics and sharp in focus, Perspectives provides a platform for us to challenge assumptions and examine new possibilities. We hope that it will spark some ideas in you too.

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Infrastructure and Connectivity

Connectivity is important to a city’s social and commercial vitality. As the global population rise and increasingly live in urban environments and megacities, designers are being challenged to create & maintain quality of life for citizens. But liveable, sustainable cities cannot be a part of the future unless we focus efforts on the fundamental objectives – to provide good jobs, affordable housing and an effective transport system. SJ flies her flags of technical excellence with global mega projects such as mixed development management comprising hotels, commercial buildings & shopping centres for Ancol Bay in North Jakarta, Indonesia, design and construction of Colombo-Katunayake Expressway in Colombo, Sri Lanka, and Singapore’s very own iconic Changi Jewel at the Singapore Changi Airport.

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The Genius of Nature: Biomimicry in the Built Environment

On every floor of the unTower, occupants can expect cross-ventilation and more access to natural light due to a hollow core, even in interior walls (Credit: B+H, Surbana Jurong Group) Dr Jamie Miller Director of Biomimicry, B+H Architects There is no man-made technology that can better impound carbon, dissipate storm events, cool environments, slow down […]

Artist’s impression of Intermoda TOD Phase 1 credit PT Sinar Mitbana Mas

Transit-Oriented Developments: A Key Asset Class That Can Help Build a Smart and Sustainable Future in Indonesia

By Mitbana Transit-Oriented Developments (TODs) are compact, pedestrian-oriented mixed-use developments centred around public transport systems. In a rapidly urbanising environment, TODs play an imperative role to alleviate the pressures of a growing population and to facilitate accessible public transport options needed for a long-term sustainable future. Recognising these benefits, the Indonesian government has been actively […]

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Infrastructure for a Resilient Economy

By Er. Dr. Ang Choon Keat Managing Director, Prostruct Consulting Pte Ltd Introduction Manmade and natural disasters can cause serious damages and disruption to infrastructures and businesses. The Oklahoma City Bombing on 19 April 1995 led to the progressive collapse of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building (Linenthal, 2020) and subsequent cessation of all operations. […]


Protecting Infrastructure Against Terrorist Attacks

By Prostruct Consulting Ang Choon Keat, Managing Director Lin Yadong, Senior Executive Engineer, Security and Blast Andrew Tan, Principal Engineer, Security and Blast With the real possibility of terrorist threats, Singapore implemented the Infrastructure Protection Act (IPA) from December 2018, to provide a clear regulatory framework for protection against such threats. Selected buildings will have […]

Technology and Innovation

Digitalisation in Construction is transforming how real estate, urban development and infrastructure projects are being planned, constructed and operated. Its effect is prevalent, impacting not only the physical assets and processes, but also the human dimension – the user experience and quality of living, and their interaction with the physical and socio-economic environment. Projects are getting complex and large in scale, and the growing demand for environmentally sensitive construction means traditional practices need to change. Digital technology and breakthrough such as the 7D-BIM Facilities Management for improved asset management, and the use of Lidar technology for 3-D imaging in site surveys, will coherently improve work processes, save turnaround time, and increase productivity.

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Digital Tools At The Helm of Quantity Surveyors

The Quantity Surveyor’s (QS) profession has come a long way from the card and shuffle days to using proprietary software that help in “taking off” (the measurement and description of the items required for a construction project) and bills of quantities. However, with the push of building information modelling (BIM), many things have changed both on the design and measurement aspects. Even visualisation is largely transformed, and gone were the days when we had to imagine how designs were like in 3D.

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Chasing Carbon, Touching Technology

By SJ Global Academy Chicken Little famously claimed that the “sky is falling”. When it comes to climate change, Chicken Little is right. The existential threats are real and irreversible, if it is without a global movement supporting progressive policy actions and legislations. Carbon dioxide is the most anthropogenic of the greenhouse gases because it […]

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Digital Twins or Triplets

By SJ Global Academy A “pretty large bang” was heard by the crew of Apollo 13 two days after their launch from the Kennedy Space Centre on 11th April 1970. This was followed by the immortal words “Okay, Houston, we’ve had a problem here”. The ignition and blast from an exposed wire inside an oxygen […]

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Digital Technology Investments A Differentiator Amidst Crisis

By SJ Global Academy and Surbana Jurong’s Smart Cities Solutions The COVID-19 outbreak is global, and increasing in intensity. Stringent measures have been adopted around the world to contain the virus, severely limiting economic activity. This has put a strain on many industries including the built environment industry, disrupting operations and forcing delays. In trying […]

Design Leadership

Rising up to the challenge of how engineering and technical innovation can meet the uphill task of urbanisation, our designers ride on the wave of SJ’s good reputation of building affordable housing and industrial parks. A grand showcase of our past successes and current works, our other pockets of design excellence include varied building typologies which hold true to creativity, versatility, and forward-looking. These traits are prevalent in notable projects such as self-sustaining urban farming concept and multi-tiered industrial complexes to house work and living spaces.

Temasek Shophouse: Balancing Heritage Conservation and Urban Renewal

An Interview with: Ivy Koh Deputy Chief Operation Officer, SJ Architecture Breathing new life into one of Orchard Road’s most striking heritage building, Temasek Shophouse is home to the philanthropic arm of Temasek Holdings – Temasek Trust. Redesigned and repurposed for modern use, Temasek Shophouse was launched in 2019 as a 25,000-sq-ft co-working hub for […]

Tying Ideas to Better Societal Outcomes: Why Female Leadership Matters in Sustainability

Architecture is about building the future today and has a role in fostering the next generation of women in the building and construction industry. An Interview with: Lisa Bate Regional Managing Principal North America at B+H Architects (Member of the Surbana Jurong Group) Chair, World Green Building Council Q: Lisa, your career path can be [...]

Designing and Operating Airports: A Complex System of Systems

Keynote speech by Liew Mun Leong Chairman, Changi Airport Group and Surbana Jurong Group At The Complex Systems Design and Management Asia 2018 6th Dec 2018 at NUS University Town While some air travellers may still appreciate the sophistication of aerospace technology while flying, few can visualise that an airport is just as, if not more […]

More Insights

Here, our readers gain more insights on management related topics such as human capital building, and the application of parental coaching approaches in the workplace. Thought leadership is not only a platform to showcase our technical excellence and project innovation, but an organisation of people, staying committed in their areas of excellence – working cohesively to seek good solutions to daily challenges.


Cracking The Code To Smart Industrial Parks

By SJ Energy & Industrial Introduction The rise of the digital economy has prompted countries to review their policies and infrastructure; and has also increased the pressure on companies across all sectors to embrace technologies as well as for workers to learn new capabilities. The adoption of digitalization in the manufacturing sector has further accelerated […]

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Providing Future-Ready Management Services

By SMM  What is the single biggest change in the Facilities Management (FM) business as a result of COVID-19, is a pertinent question in the FM industry, moving forward. To Surbana Jurong’s FM team (managed by SMM Pte Ltd), the FM business is now regarded as one of the essential services not only in Singapore […]

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Infrastructure for a Resilient Economy

By Er. Dr. Ang Choon Keat Managing Director, Prostruct Consulting Pte Ltd Introduction Manmade and natural disasters can cause serious damages and disruption to infrastructures and businesses. The Oklahoma City Bombing on 19 April 1995 led to the progressive collapse of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building (Linenthal, 2020) and subsequent cessation of all operations. […]

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How Climate Change Will Affect Designs

By SJ Global Academy and Surbana Jurong’s Smart Cities Solutions Rising temperatures is a global phenomenon, when weather patterns become erratic and unpredictable. For a moment, we hear news of certain geographical regions experiencing torrential rains with flooding, and the next, countries having extreme heatwaves and out of control bush fires that turn into fire […]

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As SJ Group moves boldly to be a leading international infrastructure company, SJA is also the place for the Group to draw on ideas and opinions not only from outside the company but also from our own experts within the different geographies and diverse business areas. The Group’s regular Chairman’s Dialogues, Group CEO’s Leadership Series, SJA Thought Leadership Talks and Lunch & Learn, as well as informal sharing by colleagues on topics of interest, help hone staff skills and technical depth in areas of leadership, management, business and industry knowledge.

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