An updated masterplan for Kigali to become a centre of urban excellence by 2050

Kigali CBD scaled
Kigali CBD scaled

An updated masterplan for Kigali to become a centre of urban excellence by 2050Kigali CBD proposed cultural, recreational and commercial esplanade, facing the wetland

An updated masterplan for Kigali to become a centre of urban excellence by 2050Kigali historical commercial node and conservation zone within the new CBD urban fabric design

The vision to develop Rwandan Capital City, Kigali, as the centre of urban excellence is one step closer to reality, with the City Council approving an updated Kigali Master Plan 2050. The master plan is designed by Surbana Jurong Group, a global urban, infrastructure and managed services consultancy. Watch the livestream here

The Kigali Master Plan 2050 Vision, dubbed ‘Kigali Yacu!’ meaning ‘Our Kigali!’, will guide the development of Kigali to accommodate 3.8 million residents and provide 1.8 million jobs by 2050, by introducing a more equitable, flexible and incremental approach to city development, aligned with the UN-Habitat principles and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Surbana Jurong and its member company SMEC worked together to update the city’s master plans. The enhanced master plan supports sustainable economic growth and community wellbeing by promoting mixed-use development and efficient land use, providing an integrated infrastructure and transport network, and ensuring equal access to essential services, housing, public facilities, open spaces and transportation.

The masterplan covers a wide range, including mixed-use, affordable development with access to social infrastructure and facilities for all, climate and disaster resiliency into the planning and design of buildings, infrastructure, development of a transit-oriented city with more sustainable transport modes and facilitating access to the market of small and micro-enterprises.

Mr Wong Heang Fine, Surbana Jurong’s Group CEO, said, “’Kigali Yacu’ is a multidisciplinary, collaborative initiative that is integral to Kigali’s future. Leveraging our understanding of the local needs and our experience with earlier master plans, we worked closely with the city and engaged the community in developing the Vision of Kigali 2.0 towards what will essentially be a centre for innovative and inclusive living in Africa.” 

Mr Benon Rukundo, Acting Director, One Stop Centre, City of Kigali, said, “The revised Kigali master plan is a key milestone for a rapidly evolving city in a country that is experiencing significant change in social and economic dynamics. Our key objective is to develop a citizen-centred masterplan that provides the City of Kigali with a solid base for future urbanisation. We are excited for the plan to be implemented.”  Read more 

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